Rutgers Gardens

Rutgers Gardens.  A place of plants, farmers markets, and life in general.

When I was attending college at Rutgers University, the common joke from out-of-state students was that NJ was the armpit of the United States.  Some people (especially those from NY) considered NJ to be nothing more than the Parkway or the Turnpike: a place to travel through, not to.  I have to admit, I felt that way for a time; I hadn’t ever really left the state for any extended period of time.  The times that I had were fun experiences, and the people outside of NJ can be very different.  Going to Canada, for example, was a jaw dropping experience.  People are just… different.  It was weird.

Something changed recently.  I discovered just how beautiful NJ is.  This was thanks to a little slice of NJ called Rutgers Gardens.  Rutgers Gardens is a botanical garden of sorts, located on Ryders Lane in New Brunswick, nestled between Milltown and East Brunswick.  Oddly enough it is very close to Route 1.  This is very deceptive.  Very nearby to one of the busiest roadways in NJ lies a verdant forest garden full of all sorts of life.

And let me tell you: It’s gorgeous when you go at the right time of year.  Which is now, F.Y.I.  It’s gorgeous.

Better yet.  Let me show you.  View more to see just what you can find at the Gardens.  There’s a bamboo forest, ornamental rain garden, babbling brooks, giant green chairs, gorgeous plants, and a wide assortment of wildlife (including and not limited to: birds, fish, insects, and amphibians).

Side notes: Pictures taken with Canon Digital Rebel XSi (450D) with either a Canon EFSI 18-55mm or a Canon EFS 75-300mm lens.  Minor post processing in Photoshop (adjusting light/dark, color balance) was done.

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