Half-Year Check-In!

So, this is a bit of a cop-out post (mostly because I’m super tired and zapped from the first week of summer work) but I did it last year so I’m following suit on that model.

It has been exactly 6 months + 1 day in the year of 2017.  It’s time to count up the posts so far this year and see if I’ve been true to my 6/month goal.  As you know, sticking to a plan is tough for me (between budgets, and diets, and this posting stuff, I feel as though I’m compelled to do things I might not want to do; so I resist it and then feel bad that I didn’t meet my goals, this is a way for me to exert control over it all and it makes me feel better so shaddup and deal with it for a day).

In January we had 7 posts, which is a woohoo moment for me.  That being said, one of those posts (1/30: Presented Without Comment: America) is kinda a ranty potshot at our Cheeto-In-Chief and his policies. I stand by it because it needed to be said, so we’ll call this month 6.  My favorite post of January was my Titanfall 2 review, mostly because it was just fun to play and write about.

In February we also had 7 posts, woohoo! Again though, two of those posts could have probably been combined into one (they happened a day apart): the Abject Failure (Part 1, Part 2) posts.  I’m sticking to it though and they count as two posts, and even if they don’t it’s still 6 posts for the month, neener neener.  My favorite post is the Hard Drives, Size Limits post where I ranted about drives and NAS boxes, mostly because it was fun digging around with kernels and GPT.  What a weird day that was.

In March we, once again, had 7 posts! This time I’m calling all the posts valid because they were all decent.  My favorite is a toss up between: It’s Always DNS (because … it’s ALWAYS DNS) and Windows 10 Imaging Success (because it felt great to have a victory there).

In April we had 7 posts, but one of them doesn’t count (the Car Maintenance Log), so we’ll call it 6. My favorite post was Review: Parrot Bebop 2 because it’s just an amazing gadget and I <3 it.  My 2nd favorite for that month was On: WDS and Windows 7 because I learned a lot during the process for it.  I hope it helps people.

In May we had only 6 posts, but they’re all valid posts. Three of them are about the same subject (the Remote Building Entry Hacks) but they’re all different steps of the process, so they count in my book.  My favorite post is a toss up between Step 3 (because I completed a huge milestone at that point) and On: Apache and Auth (because this is the sort of stuff I started the blog about in the first place).

In June we had only 6 posts, but they’re all valid posts again.  4 of them are pairs (Car Repairs, Remote Building Entry Hacks) but still they’re all important posts.  My favorite post would have to be WSUS, Continued (because it’s what this blog was supposed to be about) or the OnePlus 5 review (because I loved the OnePlus 1, and love critiquing everything this company has done ever since).

So, that’s 6+7+7+6+6+6 = 38, and I only needed 36.  Score. 🙂

We’re doing just fine here folks. 😀

-M, out.

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