On: Abject Failure (Continued)

So, now it’s a day later, a day following a tremendously frustrating day. We are doing better today. I have had time to reflect on it all. Time to post learned things and hind-sights.

It started with something I saw on Reddit (as I often do): If something bad happens in your life, don’t let it define who you are. Don’t make it your excuse for not progressing yourself. Don’t undermine it, learn from it, understand it, and let it be apart of you without it being who you are.

So let’s start by turning yesterday’s horrible experiences into learning experiences.

What did I learn.  This is important stuff.  I hope to pass it along.

  1. Measure twice, cut once, verify.
    1. I ordered parts for my boat without measuring the letters and what kind of room I would need.  Mea culpa.  Check, check, and double check before you commit.  There’s no need to rush in a “do it now” attitude, get it right the first time and save yourself a LOT of headache later on.
  2. Check your stuff frequently.
    1. I don’t know when my hitch lights died, but I do know that Curt is taking care of it.  Check things out.  Don’t assume they’re working.  I have started 2017 by doing a 1st of the month check of all vital car systems.  I’m going to make it the 1st and the 15th.  Twice a month I’m going to check everything: battery, fluid levels, tire pressure levels, etc.  Small problems can explode into huge problems if you don’t deal with them early on.  You can’t deal with them if you don’t know about them.  You don’t know about them if you don’t check for them.  Check early, check often.
  3. When dealing with rebate forms, don’t send them out until you’ve verified the hardware works.
    1. Specifically with regard to a video card we purchased, I cut off the UPC and mailed it out for the rebate.  The card died.  Newegg won’t accept it because the UPC is removed.  Now I am forced to go through PowerColor for service and support.  This has been a painful process.  RMA always is.  I just hope I hear back from someone soon.
  4. Establish trusts.
    1. Specifically, with manufacturers.  PowerColor: On my crap-list at this point but has a possibility for redemption.  2 cards both died within a week of purchase/receipt.  Not cool.  We’ll see how the RMA process goes.  CyberPowerPC: On my never-again list.  Bad parts, bad communication, bad service all around.  CURT Manufacturing: on my life-time-purchaser list.  My parts were out of warranty by about a week.  They still honored the warranty.  They are doing right by me.  They stand by their equipment.  A+.
  5. Eat your veggies.
    1. Or your friends will yell at you about it.  Despite devouring AMAZING wings.
  6. Breathe.
    1. Sometimes, you need to step back and evaluate what’s going on.  You can’t do that when you’re flipping a figurative (or literal) shit.  Take a few steps back.  Breathe.  Talk it out with someone.  Maybe you’ll find a different angle.

And remember, when all else fails:

-M, out.

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