Sad day for me as a tech

It’s a sad day when I’m forced to take (what I perceive to be) a technological step back.  I like to be on the bleeding edge when it comes to software.  I need to see what it is so I can support it.  Edge cases are very tricky to troubleshoot.  It’s a fun, albeit time consuming, game.

So, I speak of…  Unpinning Chrome from my taskbar and start menu in favor of Firefox due to a nasty bug (thanks to Nick Blew for finding it).  This bug causes my entire PC to hardlock whenever I load any web page with Flash content embedded in it to load if I’m using Chrome. HTML5 renders fine and doesn’t crash, but Flash pages cause immediate crashes. This is seemingly to do with my Realtek Chipset for audio, somehow. Chrome dev acknowledged it as a bug, but hasn’t done anything about it in 2-3 major revisions.  This bug occurred in versions: 26 (stable) – 30 (dev).

So. Firefox here we go.

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