Updated: GlassUp raised $100K on Indiegogo — but PayPal is refusing to pay up | VentureBeat

Updated: GlassUp raised $100K on Indiegogo — but PayPal is refusing to pay up | VentureBeat.

New Info as of 9:00pm EST (Thanks Christopher Paine): TechCrunch Article

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So yeah.  This is EXACTLY why I refuse to use Paypal for anything anymore.

They’re a backasswards company with no respect for customers.  Now, I’m not saying they’re in the wrong (as per their own policy, they’re following it to the letter, which is fine), but their policy is just fucking stupid.

And how about that as adding insult to injury, “Oh ok, here’s your account back, but it’s limited, so you can still get money given to you but you can’t withdraw it at all.  Fuck you.”.

Seriously people.  Fuck Paypal.  I know they’re practically the only game in town, but Amazon Payments and Google Wallet surely is preferable at this point.

I mean god damn.


Chris says I owe PayPal a little credit.  I don’t believe I do.  Their past record stands as a massive monument of how to fuck with the consumer.  It is apparent that had they not garnered any attention from the Internet as a whole, they’d probably still have this project’s money locked away in some coffer collecting interest for them.

I reiterate: Fuck PayPal.  They don’t care about you, your business, nor your brand.  They only want your money.

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