Not Cool: MPAA Joins The W3C | Techdirt

Not Cool: MPAA Joins The W3C | Techdirt.

Coming to us from the “it-can-only-end-poorly” department, we have seen that the MPAA has joined the W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium.

This can only be summarized as follows: Shit.  More accurately, Oh Holy Shit.  AKA: Bad News Bears.

The MPAA, the organization which has straight out tried to destroy the open forum of the internet by imposing rules via SOPA (including decimation of DNS (which is basically, for those who don’t know, the marvelous system that allows you to get to Google via typing in instead of or any of the other multitiudes of Google IP addresses) or also making it so simple as embedding or sharing a video would constitute a copyright violation.

Is this an organization that we really want to help have a guiding hand in developing the standards for the web?

Do we really want an organization that throws it’s lot in with the RIAA (the same group that wants to teach young children about the ‘horrors’ of file sharing) to have ANY say in what happens on our most effective, useful, and innovation-driving invention in ages?

I think we can agree that it’s a big fat no.

DRM is never a useful idea, as it only serves to punish people who are legitimately view a video.

Seriously MPAA, stick to what you do best: suing people who are ‘violating’ copyright and continue trying to ruin the lives of people who just want to view your content but can’t.

Good grief.

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