Updates! But no new news. :(

Tales Of A Tech has recently undergone some major restructuring and changes.

You may notice that we are now https; https is a great thing for everyone involved here.  This is a Comodo PostiveSSL certificate that I will have for at least a year.  We are also no longer getting our DNS from GoDaddy – we have switched to Namecheap following the nastyness after the N Twitter fiasco.

You may also notice, that https://talesofatech.com no longer brings you directly to the blog.  That is by design!  I plan on doing a lot more than blogging with this website.  To go to the blog, you simply go to https://talesofatech.com/blog.  There are a few other things too!

The Tales Of A Tech store will be up soon (I mean, it’s up now; but there’s very little there at the moment) and you’ll be able to request services such as hardware repairs, troubleshooting, diagnostics, photography, etc along with payment processing for the above.

The Tales Of A Tech project management system is up now, but you won’t see it unless you request a service that requires it (such as web development or what not).

Things are moving forward! 😀

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