Dogecoin Mining + You

Hello everyone, it’s been a while so I’m bringing you some info about what I’ve been doing lately. I’ve converted my two laptops and desktops at home into Dogecoin  miners!  The machines are sitting there, plugging away and trying to calculate hashes for blocks for dogecoins.  These dogecoins are digital (crypto) currency which can be traded, used as tips on websites like Reddit, or hoarded in hopes of it skyrocketing like BitCoin did.

So far, after about half a month of mining I’ve netted just over 28,000 dogecoins (thanks for pointing out my typo Adam!) which I have spent on various things including a vanity email address (talesofatech, tips on Reddit for people trying to spread the word, charity causes, etc.  I am saving up for purchases on places like & ShopDoge where you can get Amazon and Steam gift cards.

Pretty neat stuff if you ask me!

I will be writing up a guide on how to get started mining when I get home tonight, so look there to find it if you’d like to try it yourself.

If you’d like to donate (which would make me <3 you) my donation address is: DF9yjBWBiZJNFKMAYZZ8nuJCSHMz3U9Rfp (DogeCoin only, and wallet 1.6 or higher only, please).

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