EA Showing It’s True Colors Once Again

EA to Shut Down Online Support for Battlefield 2, Crysis 2 & Many More in June – IGN.

Are we honestly surprised?  This is what happens when companies maintain the game servers and the activation servers.

Eventually they say “Well, we’re not getting any new revenue from these games, so screw it.”

“Technical Hurdles” to making the games work include convincing some executive that it’s worth paying a developer some money to change a few lines of code and release the server software to the public so we can maintain the servers for games we want to play.

In other words, classic EA.

I’ll never forgive you for buying out Origin Systems and then killing off two of my favorite game franchises: Wing Commander & System Shock.

You showed your true colors then, and you’re letting them show now.

I only wish you weren’t so big that there was no chance for you to fail, because if any company in the gaming sector deserves to die off, it’s you guys.


You are the worst thing to happen to gaming since the ancient “Enter word 5 from sentence 2 of paragraph 3 on page 22 of your game manual to begin playing.” era.


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