I love Men’s Wearhouse

Dealing with Mean’s Wearhouse Perfect Fit Rewards program people is surprisingly pleasant. I called up and said, “I got an email saying I have $100 in rewards that you said you mailed me but I’ve never received. I logged in and saw my address was my very old apartment address, so I updated it. Could you re-send the last certificates?”

And they go “Sure thing, not a problem, I just want to verify your address. I also see that you have rewards certificates from 2011 and 2012 that never got used, I can re-issue those to your account and you can use them in any store if you tell them you have expired certificates and give them this case number.”

So all in all, I have like $200 in Men’s Wearhouse rewards to use now, plus a 25% off coupon.

Pretty sweet.

I guess the “You’re going to like the way you look, I guarantee it” should be amended to “And we’ll take awesome care of you too.”

Way to go Men’s Wearhouse.  Customer for life status: confirmed.

(And the suit I got a few weeks ago is AMAZING.)

2014-05-13 18.28.15


  1. Come on, no mention of the IMPOSSIBLE TO USE 25% coupon? Glad their customer service is nice, but stupid coupon restrictions drive me nuts.

  2. It’s not impossible to use. You just can’t combine offers. It didn’t work on the suit because it was already marked down from $850 to $500. I could have used it on the shirts/tie/tie clip but buy-1-get-1 (50% off) is a better deal than 25% off.

    When I go later this week I’m gonna walk in and show them the coupon and say show me stuff I can buy with this.

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