Congratulations, You Are What Is Wrong With The World

I don’t care if you landed a spacecraft on a comet, your shirt is sexist and ostracizing | The Verge.

I speak of course to the people who wrote this atrocious article on The Verge, which I regrettably linked to above so you don’t think I’m sort of insane person.

Matt Taylor, a scientist and engineer at the European Space Agency, is being harassed and harangued by the internet over his choice of clothing during the airing of the landing.  Congratulations on taking what should have been a day of celebration and science and instead making a grown man cry, feeling like his accomplishments will somehow be tarnished for eternity for what he chose to work that day (a shirt that designed and made for him by a woman, mind you).

Congratulations, you are what is wrong with this world.

You, who instead of celebrating a massive accomplishment, decide to attack him for, really, no good reason.

You people who probably feel that the true determination of professionalism is how much you spent on your suit, tie, and shoes (instead of, rightly, how much work you can get done and how well you did that work) are exactly what is wrong with society today.

You do not look at the body of work that someone has provided to a field.  You look and say, huh, I don’t like his shirt, RUIN HIS EXISTENCE.

I am sickened.  This was supposed to be a time of celebration for the scientific community.  Instead of spending time accomplishing science and working hard to further humanity, he is spending time apologizing and trying to do damage control OVER A SHIRT.  DO YOU REALIZE JUST HOW INSANE THIS SOUNDS?!

I am just at a loss.  It’s absurd.

Less than a week later, try to Google Matt Taylor.  Go ahead.  You know what Google recommends?   Not “Matt Taylor Philae”, not “Matt Taylor Rosetta”, not “Matt Taylor Comet”, not even “Matt Taylor Scientist”.  “Matt Taylor Shirt” is what Google recommends.  Do you realize just how ABSURD this is!?

There are plenty of things that need to be addressed about humanity, but PLEASE stop MANUFACTURING hatred over stupid shit!

It’s unbelievable.

And you’re holding us all back.

And you should be ASHAMED of yourself for dwarfing his scientific mastery  and accomplishments by a SHIRT.


And addressing the marvelous people at The Verge, “I don’t care if you wrote a shit-tier bait article, your site (and the article) is atrocious and you should feel bad.”

Alternatively, once you’ve landed something on a comet, you can complain.  Until then, shut the fuck up, leave the man alone, and let him get back to SCIENCE.

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