Holy Shit We Landed a Spacecraft on a Comet | WIRED

Holy Shit We Landed a Spacecraft on a Comet | WIRED.


Also, America take note: Europe is surpassing our space program.  Sure, we landed on the moon (YAY! MOON!) but the moon is a large body that has a relatively uniform and stable orbit.

They landed on a COMET.  A relatively small comet, at that.  Sure, they had some problems, like the landing grapple harpoons haven’t fired.  But it’s there! Doing SCIENCE.

Are you REALLY telling me that if an Armageddon scenario happens we’re gonna depend on Europe?  I think we can do better America.  I know we can do better.

Let’s get on that right away.

Update: If you haven’t seen this GIF, you really should look.  It shows just how much science and planning was put into getting that lander there.  Fans of Kerbal Space Program take note: this is what we simulate!

The Lander as It Travels Through the Solar System (GIF)


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