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Found some really encouraging food for thought (words to live by) for I.T. people (maybe everyone) that I just had to share.

From a thread about being Stuck on Windows Update 3/3 several people brought up great points.

“Whether a 1-minute call or a 30-minute call, I bill for 30 mins minimum.”

This of course prompted a curious reply: “I often wonder where to draw the line with this… if they call and I say “click file, options, disable xxx” and it fixes it with a 30 second call, should I really put in time for that?”

Which brings us to the first gem:

  1. If you don’t value your time, no one else will.which then brings us to the next gem of wisdom:
  2. Not just the time, the knowledge. Value your knowledge. If they need to call you for help, it means that you know something they don’t….and that’s worth some compensation.

So to you, readers, I remind you: your time is valuable.  Your energy is valuable.  Your knowledge is valuable.  Some of you went to school for this (and might still be paying it off).  Some of you have slaved away doing menial labor for years to get to the point where you have skills you bring to the table.

Your time is worth it.

YOU are worth it.

And if you aren’t, then why are they still asking you for help?

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Food for thought.

Further reading, if you have the time. =)

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