FBI Finally Investigating Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server

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Well, this is a long time coming in my book.  Just wow.  We first learned that Hillary Clinton ran a private email server where she was corresponding with people about government matters while she was the Secretary of State in March (or so) of 2015.  It is now February 2016.  That is almost a full year of “What the hell were you doing FBI?!?”  I really don’t understand why this took so long to get any sort of meaningful announcement from the FBI.  A former inspector general was reported to have indicated in this New York Post article claims that Hillary “never set up an agency email address for her in the first place” – this would mean that any and all communication she was doing as the Secretary of State via email had to be on these insecure channels (namely her private email server).

I don’t see how anyone can defend this.  There are varying reports on the number of classified documents potentially sent to and from this insecure server.  They range from none to many.  We are seeing some details about these emails recently.  900 some-odd emails, 242 of which have been upgraded in classification to secret, confidential, and top secret (Source).  That’s an incredible number of emails, all of which have potential state secrets.  All out in the open.  No protection.  Potentially no end-to-end encryption, over the open internet, using whatever mail relays and servers were available to get to the destination.  There is NO way to know if these emails were intercepted or logged anywhere.  The only way to even begin to have a clue would be to have access to the server, which has been wiped (apparently with a cloth, if you are to believe Hillary).

I am (as a technically-minded person) simply astounded.  I am as astounded and flabbergasted by this as I can be.  It straight up baffles me.

My only hope is that they complete this investigation and have an appropriate resolution to it.  I don’t know what the resolution could be.  I only hope that it’s as rough a punishment for Hillary as they are attempting to enforce on Manning or Snowden.  All three have done essentially the same thing: leaked documents to sources outside the government intentionally. The only difference is that Manning and Snowden were trying to work in the good faith of the public by providing documents to uncover activities which the American public should be aware about.  Clinton just thought she was above the rules and didn’t want to have records of her dealings that could potentially incriminate her for something.  Clearly the government is too busy punishing Manning and hunting Snowden to do much more against Clinton though.  I don’t know.  It’s a very disparate reaction in my eyes.  Whistle blower activity has been stomped and squashed, while actively skirting and breaking the law has been largely ignored for a year.

Very frustrating in my eyes.

It does look like some judges are glaring at the DOJ and trying to light a fire under their collective asses.  My concern here is that this seems directed at the State Department itself, and not at Clinton directly.

Even if the State Department had setup her email address, would she have even used it or would she have just setup her own email server as she did (or more likely: had people do) and ignore it anyways?  Aren’t their larger things to look into than that?  I don’t know.

All I know is I’m glad they’re FINALLY taking this seriously, because it’s criminal in my eyes and needs to be dealt with.

I have to wonder if all this news announced recently affected the New Hampshire primary, where Bernie Sanders took a commanding victory of ~60% over Hillary Clinton’s ~38% (Source).  Who knows.

All I know is: this gonna get good real quick like.


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