Half-Year Check-In

So, 2016 is nearly half-way done at this point (July 1st is 183rd day of the year) and I can’t think about what to write this week so I’m going to do a check-in.

This will be the 29th blog post in 2016.  We are in the 25th week of the year as of my writing of this post.  That means I’m slightly ahead of my 1-a-week promise.  That’s pretty cool in my book.  I’ve managed to go this long with maintaining the plan.  Yay for me!

Problem is, I’m still not sure what to write about this week.  See, I had oral surgery for some tooth extractions last Friday (the 17th) so I haven’t been really experimenting with Tech or doing anything cool at work.  I’ve been largely in recovery mode (which sucks, by the way) and I’ve been left with very little energy as a result.

I got back into EVE Online, and I’m still playing a crapton of Overwatch and Doom 4.  When I’m in the mood to stream, the streams are available on Twitch.  I mostly play Overwatch against bots, but sometimes I play against real people.  EVE is always a struggle to find balance between fun and mind-numbing.  Having people to play with helps a lot.  I’ve got a core group of 3.  Right now we’re doing missions (need that money) and soon we’ll be exploring and doing FW or Complexes or WH or maybe even some PVP.  We have a 4th person coming, hopefully.  It should be interesting.  Small gang warfare was always the way to play in my book. No politics, just go shoot stuff and go home.  Doom is entertaining, but different.  It doesn’t feel the same as other Doom games I’ve played, but it is still enjoyable.

Maybe next week I’ll write up a review of Doom.  That sounds like a good plan.  Gives me more time to play it and get used to the gameplay concepts and story.  I will say this now: It’s fun and gorgeous.

I did end up getting a really cheap Go Pro knock camera from DBPower.  It’s available at Amazon.  It shoots in pretty good detail and quality.  It also includes a waterproof case.  Here are some sample videos that I’ve done so far:

Pretty neat stuff in my book.

I still want a Water Wolf though.  That would be even cooler for when I go fishing…

I’m going to start learning some AJAX, Laravel and Vue… So much to do, so little time.

Summer is about to start, which is our busiest time of year.  I don’t know when I’ll get to be able to learn it all. 🙁

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