NJ DMV: Get Your Shit Together

Today I went to the NJ DMV (Never will I ever call you the MVC, you are the DMV, deal with it and the negative connotation that DMV implies; you deserve it) fully expecting to get my license renewed. It’s the first Tuesday in the month of June, it’s 4:45pm, they don’t close til 7:30pm — it’ll be fine.

How wrong I was.

So let me give you the timeline here.

  • 4:45pm: I enter the DMV and I am directed to stand in the line for License Renewals.  Cool, so far so good.
  • 5:00pm: I reach the kiosks to sign in and be added to the entrance list.  Cool, still good, just about what I expected so far.
  • 5:02pm
    • The officer at the entrance to the Applications Area calls out: “We’re full here, hold off on more people for a bit.”
    •  I look at the lady directing the queues.  I can see it in her eyes, she hates that she’s about to say this, but she says it anyways: it’s her job after all. “I’m sorry sir, you’ll have to wait here for a while.”
    • I look at the lady and just go slack-jawed.  I move out of line and head to the exit.
    • Lady asks me to please stand in line.
    • I tell the lady I have no intention of waiting in the line and will return later.

Thankfully my license doesn’t expire until the end of the month.  I have a half day on Monday (yay dental pain) and two Friday’s off the following weeks.  There is plenty of time to go and NOT get dicked around.

Take a look at the featured image for an explanation.  I hope you can understand my frustration here.

I had just reached the front of the line to get into the queue to get into the line.  Yes, I waited in a line (the Dark Green line in the image) to get to the Queue Kiosks (Light Green in the image).  The Queue at the Kiosks simply gets you into the Applications Area at the DMV.  Once you get into the Applications Area you get a card to be called up.

That’s right: There’s a line to get into the queue to get into the line.

All because the NJ DMV can’t get their shit together to save their life.  No wonder our state is having money problems: there is no semblance of efficiency anywhere in this process.

It’s bad enough that you need to physically go stand in a line to get your licence because of the bullshit known as the 6-Point ID system which requires you to have a ton of identification documents to get your license.

Your license is then worth 4 points in the 6-point ID system.

Yeah.  NJ.

NJ DMV: Get Your Goddamn Shit Together.

-M, out

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