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Also known as, I have a lot to say on a bunch of topics and I don’t want to split it up, so I’m going to make one giant post about it with follow-up posts later.

On Weight (Loss & Gain) and the Effects Thereof

As some may know, I have been fighting with weight loss for the past… Let’s call it four years.  At my heaviest (4/13/2012) I weighed in at 370 pounds.  Yep, 370.

Proof? Oh yeah, proof.


That’s me in 2012.  I looked (and felt) like a balloon.

At my lowest, (11/23/2013) I weighed in at 218.

60 degrees and sunny. Roof open and windows down. Perfect day to just drive.

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That’s me in March 2014, a little over 234 at the time.  Just as a comparison.

Today: I’m back up to 303.  There’s been a lot of stuff that’s happened, between bouts of surgery, bad vacations (I mean, GREAT trips, but man do I love to eat), pets passing away, friends and family being in bad places (my grandparents were on the ropes for a while and I was stress eating as a result, for example).  On Monday I weighed in a 307.4.  Today was 303.6.  I feel like I’m getting back on track.

It’s been very frustrating.  There are days when I eat within calorie limit and I gain weight.  There are days when I eat above the calorie limit and I lose weight.  Working out is difficult at this weight.  My body feels sluggish, slow, unresponsive.  I cannot jog for my usual hour.  Even walking that distance leaves me winded and in pain.  I’ve taken to riding an indoor bike for now. I am proud of myself for doing 15 minutes a day for a full week.  I plan on doing 15 minutes a day 3 days next week, and trying 30 minutes a day for 2 days next week additionally.  I want to work myself back up to full weeks of 30 minutes a day.  That’s the bare minimum I think I will need to continue righting my health correction.  I’ll probably start doing pullups, pushups, and Low-Intensity training again soon.  Something, anything.  I’ve finally started to get my cravings under control again.  I devoured sushi for dinner (spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy california, spider roll, egg sushi, tempura veggies, salad, and soup).  It was a 1000 calorie dinner.  But I stayed within my 2500 calories by eating light breakfast and light lunch.  Small compromises.

I have ice cream in the fridge for when I have a sudden craving for sweet.  I have pretzels on the counter for when I have a salty craving.  If I don’t have these creature comforts, I end up splurging.  If I crave ice cream and deny myself it for a week (saying something like: Oh I’ll just have it on Sunday) then on the day I do have it, I will go hog wild like I will never have it again.  I need to remember that it will not be the last time I have ice cream, or pizza, or tacos, or sushi.  I just need to reign it in and enjoy it.

If any are on the same journey: don’t be discouraged, it’s a long trip and there will be bumps along the way.  Keep your eye on the prize: a healthy you.

When The Enterprise Isn’t Enterprise (Part 2): A Real Host

So, a while back I wrote about running an enterprise lab off a desktop PC.  It got my roommate and I talking about proper home lab setups.  Well, we went head on into it.  We bought a used Dell R710 server.  We’ve been doing a lot of setup.  We bought a decent switch to connect all 8 lan ports to.  The switch was sadly DOA.  We’re waiting for a new one.  The machine works.  We have 2 147GB SAS drives and 2 TB Sata drives in it.  We also have a 2 TB iSCSI LUN on Nick’s Synology. I can’t wait to start actually toying around with it.  Unfortunately there’s just no time during this time of year because of school starting priorities.  There’s a lot to do both at work and at home.  I would do the home lab stuff on the weekend, but I need the weekend to recharge my batteries (both personal and work based batteries).

That being said: I’m excited and wanna play with it.  It’ll be nice to have a dedicated-almost-like-work environment to play around with.

Car Loans

I’ve paid off my car!  My title is in hand!  It’s in a (new) fireproof safe!  I feel like an adult!  Holy shit!  Is that what it feels like?  I can deal with that.

That’s all for now.  Like I said, a bunch of short ramblings.

-M, out.


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