2017 Goals

2016 is rapidly approaching it’s (much needed) conclusion. 2016 was balls. Horrible, horrible, horrible balls.  I am glad it is nearly over.

(RIP Carrie Fischer)

That being said, it’s also time for self reflection and planning for the next year, which is what this is all about.

As of this post, I managed to successfully write a blog post a week, every week, for a full year.  Yay me!  Let’s expand that a little bit.  I want to become more regular about it.  I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to 2 posts a week, because then it becomes a job.  Let’s go for… 6 times a month (which is nearly 3 posts every 2 weeks) for a total of 72-78 posts in a year (72 posts is 6 times / month, 78 is 3 posts every 2 weeks).  I think this is a sustainable increase from last year of 52 posts.

As of this post, I am weighing in at 310 pounds.  1/1/2016 I weighed in at 301.  That means I gained 9 pounds this year.  Christmas was tough.  4/13/2012 I weighed in at 370.  That means I am down 60 pounds over 5 years.  That isn’t unreasonable.  I need to continue trying to control my weight and eating.  2016 was a bad year for me.  I’m going to make 2017 a better one.  I’m hoping to drop 20-40 pounds in 2017.  That seems like a reasonable goal.  I can do that.  The first step is going to involve getting a new PCP because my current one is a bag of dicks and does not respond to phone calls nor do they return voicemails).  I need to go see someone about my back because it’s limiting my ability to work out which makes it VERY difficult to keep weight off.  Maybe a nutritionist too.

Nick has been pestering (suggesting, politely, I should say) to learn Laravel because of the work I’ve been doing lately.  I’m going to give it a shot.  It looks like a powerful system for doing PHP development, and that’s something I’m really interested in.  There’s a lot to it, but Nick has graciously offered access to his materials, so I really have no reason to not try and learn it.  So learn it I shall.  Or try to.  I’ll see if I can wrap my feeble brain around it.

I got a boat for Christmas!

5 people, 1300 pounds, 12V motor. Oh yes.

NJ is a bunch of twits when it comes to boats, even inflatable boats.  It has a motor (an electric trolling motor) and thus it must be registered.  I must be licensed to drive a boat, and have a safety certificate.  Of course.  So now I need to get some bonus work done.  It’ll get done.  Because I like to fish.  Yep.   I got a boat.

I also got a cool Invicta watch.  And a bow.

Rose Gold accents. Not normally my thing. I like it.

New one on the right.

2016 Holiday Season was good to me.

Short list of goals as it stands:

  • Continue and expand blogging.
    • Game reviews need to come more.
    • Projects need to come more (I want a Smart Glass Display/Mirror).
  • Continue weight loss and health improvement overall.
  • Start to Learn Laravel (no way I could learn it all in a year).
  • Get my boating certifications and boat and fish all the things.
  • Be awesome.

It’s important to keep my goals list short.  I got a lot of my goals for 2016 done, but fell short in other ones.

And that’s ok.

They’re more of guidelines anyways.

-M, out.

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