Best Buy & Gamer’s Club Unlocked: What The Hell Man.

Update 1/6/2017 at 9:30pm: As of now my Best Buy Gamer’s Club Unlocked is officially unlocked.  Almost a full week after it was supposed to be. I am leaving this post up for posterity.  I am still annoyed with Best Buy.  I am still blocked from posting on the forums.

Oh man. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I am thoroughly mad.  Best Buy is yanking my chain left and right on this and I’m pretty much out of venues to get feedback and talk it out.  I need to rant and vent because I’m not getting anywhere with anyone and I’m out the money (not a lot, $30, but regardless).

Let’s set the stage right proper here.

TL; DR Version: Gamer’s Club Unlocked (Online Activation) is either broken or a complete scam job.  Avoid it at all costs until they’ve figured this out.

On December 30th, I made a fairly expensive impulse-buy purchase on Best Buy’s website.

Specifically, I bought:

Gamer’s Club Unlocked, 2 Year Membership, Online Activation
Battlefield 1 – PS4
Titanfall 2 Deluxe Edition – PS4
PlayStation VR Worlds – PS4 (VR!)
Battlezone – PS4 (VR!)
Steam Wallet Credit
PS+ 12-Month
PlayStation Move Motion Controller (2-Pack)

The bolded item, Gamer’s Club Unlocked, is the point of contention causing all the problems.  The item was purchased on 12/30.  On 12/30 I received this confirmation email:

When I log into Best Buy to view my digital library purchases, it didn’t show up in there.  It did warn me that it can take up to 4 hours to process and become active.  I move on with my day.

On 1/2 I head into Best Buy with my roommate to pickup DriveClub VR – PS4 (VR!) and use one of the coupons.  We grab the game and head to the front.  We get to check out and the person at the register rings me up.  The game is coming up at full price.  What? It’s supposed to be 20% off.  And another $5 off because of the (stacking) coupon.  What gives?  We wait for a manager.  Manager comes up and says there’s no Gamer’s Club Unlocked registered to my account. What? My purchase on 12/30 gave me full access to Gamer’s Club Unlocked perks.  … Ok, fine.  We leave (without buying the game).

I immediately call up Best Buy support in the car. They said that the entire purchase of all the stuff on 12/30 wasn’t associated to my Best Buy rewards number, including the Gamer’s Club Unlocked.  They said that’s why it wasn’t showing up.  The representative informed me that they could take care of it for me right there and that I should see it working in 24 hours.  Fine.  We leave, and I wait.

The next day (1/3) I check Best Buy online and I still do not see the Gamer’s Club Unlocked in my Digital Library.  Great.  I call up again.  I get disconnected from the call three times at varying stages:

  1. The rep doesn’t hear me responding at all, hangs up.
  2. The rep transfers me to a different department, call disconnects.
  3. The rep transfers me twice, on the 3rd time I get disconnected.

On the 4th phone call I get through to someone and they tell me that my purchase is not associated to my Best Buy rewards number.  Great.  They apparently CANNOT do it now and I have to wait 5-7 business days for them to mail me (or email me, the Representative was not clear on this point) an activation code.  What activation code?  It was supposed to be online activation.  I get fed up, say ok, thanks for the help, and hang up.

I checked back the next day (1/4): no change.

I checked back today: no change.

I got fed up.

I posted on the Best Buy Support forums: here.  There was no response.  On 1/5 another person responded to my thread saying they were having the same problem and getting the same run around treatment.

I replied saying I was getting frustrated and out of ideas especially since I used my “goddamn Best Buy Credit Card” to make the purchase.  The person who replied to me (and my reply to them) were both removed by Bill-BBY.  I replied to the post saying “Ok, fine, you removed the post, but could you at least reply to the thread at that point too if you have the time to remove the posts?”.  That post was also removed.  Much to my surprise, my ability to post on the forums was then Restricted.  As of the writing of this blog post I am not able to post on ANY of the forums on Best Buy’s site.  This was confirmed by a Twitter representative.

Picture screen-captured for posterity.

There’s been no reply to my tweet requesting information to the length of my ‘restricted access’ nor to the particulars as to why my access was restricted in the first place.

So now here’s where I stand: I’m out $30 for my Gamer’s Club Unlocked Subscription.  I’ve got NO information other than “Please wait”.  I cannot use my benefits including my coupon codes for discounted games.  I’ve got no information at all, other than to say that other people are having the same problem (look at the support forums, tons of posts about this right now).

Best Buy Support phone lines, Twitter, and now forums have been all but helpless.  It’s getting beyond absurd. Since 2014 I’ve spent about $8500 at Best Buy.  At one point I had Elite Plus membership status.  I’m currently an Elite member.  I do not know that I will be giving Best Buy any more of my money.  It’s a shame.  I like Best Buy and their policies.  Their support prior to this point has been stellar.  I’ve got no information as to why my purchase isn’t associated, nor do I have any information other than “Please wait” — this is largely unacceptable.  To then ban me (let’s be realistic; that’s exactly what restricted access is) when I push for information or a “Please wait, there are a lot of people experiencing this issue and we are working to resolve it, we don’t know what the problem is just yet but we are working on it. ” is patently absurd.  It’s almost comical, honestly.

I do not know where to turn.  A BBB complaint?  Chargeback on the credit card?  It’s a Best Buy credit card. What should be my roadplan now?  Just wait it out? That’s not a very appetizing option at this point.  If Best Buy has their way I’ll wait until infinity (or maybe until 12/29/2018 when my Gamer’s Club Unlocked will naturally expire).

-M, out.

(And very annoyed)


  1. You’d be amazed at what they can’t take care of regarding their rewards program. It’s 2017 and they still can not merge two rewards program for a married couple. You basically have to create a new one and lose all bennies either of you had or choose a primary and just go with it. As someone who has worked there and had friends work at corporate it’s insane to known that some of their systems are built inherently flawed. Worst part is they generally know and have no plan for a work around in most cases. I’m sorry they jacked up your gamers club. I generally only have things like that done via in store but then I know most of the long time employees at my store as I managed them in some capacity.

    1. Matt,

      They had me wait. And wait. And wait. And wait all day. It took me almost a month before it became unlocked. It was very frustrating. My account on the forums is still banned from posting. Shitty, shitty, shitty service from an otherwise good company.

  2. Hey there,

    Im actually going through the same exact experience you described above. Im very frustrated ans have filed a consumer complaint online because I cant get any information from the customer care team and they won’t refund me my $30. Im wondering if this ever got resolved for you? Im waiting the same 5-7 business days described above but there are certain games I want to purchase now, not to mention Im missing out on certain perks for pre-ordering due to this issue. Not sure what’s going on at best buy but a) their customer service is lacking BIG TIME, I mean its up there in the top 3 worst customer service experiences Ive ever has b) it appears as if many people are having this issue, is gamers club a scam?

    1. Hello Peter,

      As per my previous comment about this:

      They had me wait. And wait. And wait. And wait all day. It took me almost a month before it became unlocked. It was very frustrating. My account on the forums is still banned from posting. Shitty, shitty, shitty service from an otherwise good company.

      It’s not a scam, they just can’t handle the volume of activations and purchases during the rush months.

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