Seahawks block title game ticket sales to California –

Seahawks block title game ticket sales to California –

Coming to you from the ‘probably-legally-questionable’ department, today we bring you a ridiculous scenario: a team not willing to have opposing fans in the stands.  Not just opposing fans, anyone who ISN’T a Seattle Seahawks fan.  You know what, not even that.  Only people who are from the area.

This is a very interesting scenario.  I am not a lawyer of course (and I have no law background) but I don’t understand how they can deny people the ability to purchase a ticket just from where they are coming from.

Anyone care to chime in?  I am really at a loss here.  I guess you could still buy through the NFL Ticket Exchange, but those prices are going to be vastly different than the original ticket price.  This seems like artificial price inflation at the worst.  Again, I don’t know.

I guess we’ll see how it pans out.  It’s early on since the news has been announced.

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